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The Mediterranean Centre of Environment is a non-profit civil society set up in 1992 by a Franco Greek team aiming to promote the development of human activity taking into account the environment and the culture of the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Our objective: Responding to needs within the Euro-Mediterranean region

Τhe Mediterranean Centre of Environment sets up local, national and European projects in order to:

  • contribute to the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, encouraging joint action and mutual respect of the various cultures
  • raise awareness of the population, particularly young people, of the need to protect their heritage and their environment
  • carry out local programmes aimed at preserving and enhancing natural and cultural heritage

Eco-volunteering - Summer 2015

Eco-volunteering: 16 missions proposed in France, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia!
Get involved in an environmental project as volunteer and enter a fruitful network! [more...]

Euro-mediterranean Campuses - Summer 2015

You are student or young professionals and are interested in getting involved in a local environmental project as part of an international team? [more...]

A new network for Youth in action!

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment is now member of a new born international network of NGOs working in field of Youth!AIM (Amesci International Mouvement) will develop activities for youth in Europe and above, to promote and put into practice citizenship, social entrepreneurship, open knowledge and other important issues for youth. [more...]