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YES - Young E-citizen for a Sustainable European Coastline

Young E-citizen for a Sustainable European Coastline - YES! - aims at supporting the involvement of young Europeans in active citizenship, through a very concrete and present issue: the future of European Coastlines in the context of climate changes. Confronted to increasing threats such as urbanisation, tourism development, sea level rise, and degradation of the ecosystems, the European coastline constitutes a typical challenge of sustainable development, with conflicts of interests and its complexity of management. It is an issue that calls for an active eco-citizenship.

A CAMPAIGN FOR A SUSTAINABLE EUROPEAN COASTLINE was organized by Young Europeans for Young Europeans. For 2 years, they shared on an interactive map information and images on good practices and interesting issues related to coastal management.

The project

YES! is based on criteria of innovation: innovative methods for the involvement of youth; innovative tools for communication and dissemination.

The project YES aims at supporting a group of young European people, in the elaboration, implementation and promotion of a European awareness-raising campaign targeting young European people and general public, on the future of European coastline in the context of climatic change.

The international group of volunteers will participate in several hands-on activities, culminating in the launch of a European awareness-raising campaign giving young people a say on the future of Europe’s coastlines:

Two training workshops enabled young participants to share their knowledge and experiences and to learn about techniques and tools to raise the campaign.

•    May 2013 – Italy, Alba: “Environmental communication: How to build an effective information campaign? How to create a catchy slogan?”
•    May 2013 – Greece, Piraeus: “Using new technologies for an awareness-raising campaign on the future of Europe’s coastlines ”

Two campus gave to 17 young participants the opportunity to act as eco-citizens in local projects dedicated to coastline protection:

•    August 2013  – United-Kingdom, Solway Firth: “Sustainable development and conservation in the Solway Firth”
•    September 2013 – France, Côte bleue : Promoting the heritage of the Côte bleue to raise visitor awareness about the future of the coastline”

YES! is a transnational cooperation project between 4 organisations:
The Mediterranean Centre of Environment, in Greece, is partner and responsible for the workshop in Greece and the website of the project. It collaborates with
- APARE – Association pour le Développement et l’Action Régionale (France), project leader of YES!
- Solway Firth Partnership (UK), NGO responsible for the managament of the Solway Firth,
- and the Associazione Internazionale per la Communicazione Ambiental (Italy),  an NGO for North-West Italy which promotes national and international communication on environment.

In partnership with: Conservatoire du Littoral (France) – Karpos (Greece) – Diadrasis (Greece)

For more information, please contact :
Greece : Isabelle TRINQUELLE – MCE-Greece
France : Anne-Gaëlle JAY – APARE
Italie : Emanuele BIESTRO – AICA
Grande-Bretagne : Pam TAYLOR – SFP


 YES! is supported by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union